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On this page, you can find all the information you need about National Lottery scratchcards - past and present!

£1 National Lottery Scratchcards

With £1 scratchcards you can win anywhere between £50 and £100,000.

These games are typically the easiest to play, and there is always good availability of cards in the shops!

£100,000 Red (2023) Scratchcard Featured Image

£100,000 Red (2023) Scratchcard


Gem Smash (2023) Scratchcard Featured Image

Gem Smash Scratchcard


£100,000 Green Doubler (2023) Scratchcard Featured Image

£100,000 Green Doubler Scratchcard



Hot Money (2023) Scratchcard



Super 7s Red (2022) Scratchcard



£100,000 Tripler Purple Scratchcard


Snow Me The Money Scratchcard Featured Image

Snow Me The Money (2022) Scratchcard



Double Match (2022) Scratchcard



Platinum 7s Scratchcard



Gold Riches Scratchcard


Match 3 Tripler 2021 Scratchcard Featured Image

Match 3 Tripler (2021) Scratchcard



Lucky Roll Scratchcard



Hot £50s Scratchcard



£150,000 Purple Scratchcard


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£2 National Lottery Scratchcards

£2 scratchcards come jackpots with even bigger jackpots and more variety in their gameplay.

Win up to £300,000 with increased odds, but simple to play game rules.


Top Dog (2023) Scratchcard


£250,000 Gold (2023) Scratchcard

£250,000 Gold (2023) Scratchcard


Jolly 7s (2023) Scratchcard Featured Image

Jolly 7s (2023) Scratchcard


Lucky Drop (2023) Scratchcard Featured Image

Lucky Drop (2023) Scratchcard


Gold 7s (2023) Scratchcard Featured Image

Gold 7s (2023) Scratchcard



Get Fruity Scratchcard



Black & Gold Scratchcard



Neon 9s Scratchcard



£250,000 Green (2022) Scratchcard



£120,000 Richer (2022) Scratchcard



£100 Doubler (2022) Scratchcard


Jolly 7s 2022 Scratchcard Featured Image

Jolly 7s Scratchcard


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£3 National Lottery Scratchcards

£3 scratchcards offer more intricate gameplay styles, including bingo and crossword style games.

These games take longer to play, and can be harder to understand the rules if you haven't played them before.


Maze Of Fortune (2023) Scratchcard


Festive Fortune (2023) Scratchcard Featured Image

Festive Fortune (2023) Scratchcard


Mega Multiplier (2023) Scratchcard Featured Image

Mega Multiplier (2023) Scratchcard


Cashword Blocks (2023) Scratchcard Featured Image

Cashword Blocks Scratchcard


Holiday Cash (2023) Scratchcard Featured Image

Holiday Cash (2023) Scratchcard


Hidden Treasures (2023) Scratchcard Featured Image

Hidden Treasures Scratchcard


Bingo Bonus (2023) Scratchcard Featured Image

Bingo Bonus (2023) Scratchcard


Sapphire Multiplier (2023) Scratchcard Featured Image

Sapphire Multiplier Scratchcard



Golden Fortune Scratchcard


Festive Lines Scratchcard Featured Image

Festive Lines (2022) Scratchcard


Bingo Pink Scratchcard Featured Image

Bingo Pink (2022) Scratchcard


Winning 777 Scratchcard Featured Image

Winning 777 (2022) Scratchcard


Lucky Lines Scratchcard Featured Image

Lucky Lines (2022) Scratchcard


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£5 National Lottery Scratchcards

Now the most expensive game you can buy, £5 scratchcards come with the biggest prizes on offer.

Not cheap, but these offer the biggest jackpots - up to £2 million - and have the best odds of all scratchcards!

Full of £500s Scratchcard Featured Image

Full of £500s (2023) Scratchcard


Dice Towers Scratchcard Featured Image

Dice Towers Scratchcard


Merry Millionaire (2023) Scratchcard Featured Image

Merry Millionaire (2023) Scratchcard


12 Pays Of Christmas (2023) Scratchcard Featured Image

12 Pays of Christmas (2023) Scratchcard


3-In-1 (2023) Scratchcard Featured Image

3 In 1 (2023) Scratchcard


100X Scratchcard Featured Image

100X (2023) Scratchcard


Millionaire 777 Scratchcard Featured Image

Millionaire 777 (2023) Scratchcard


Full of £1000s Scratchcard Featured Image

Full of £1000s (2023) Scratchcard


Bank The Cash Scratchcard Featured Image

Bank The Cash Scratchcard


Spin Match Win Scratchcard Featured Image

Spin Match Win Scratchcard


£2 Million Blue Scratchcard Featured Image

£2 Million Blue (2022) Scratchcard


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An Introduction to National Lottery Scratchcards

National Lottery Scratchcards - launched in 1995 - offer the thrill of instant winnings with a simple scratch!

These cards, available in various designs and themes, providing players with a quick and entertaining way to potentially win substantial prizes. From the classic simple designs to the latest interactive games, these scratchcards cater to all tastes and interests, making them a favoured choice for a quick flutter.

Types of National Lottery Scratchcards

The National Lottery Scratchcards come in several designs, but are commonly split between four price point denominations - £1, £2, £3 and £5 scratchcards.

  • £1 Scratchcards: These are the most affordable and offer simpler games with smaller prize amounts, perfect for a casual flutter.
  • £2 Scratchcards: A step up, these cards balance cost with the chance to win more significant sums, but usually still simple to play
  • £3 Scratchcards: Typically featuring the most complex gameplay, providing more entertainment but with more potential to missing a winning card.
  • £5 Scratchcards: For those seeking bigger thrills, these cards offer higher prize potentials across a wide variety of games.

Each type comes with its own set of themes, ranging from classic lucky symbols to seasonal specials, ensuring there's always something new. The odds of winning vary across different cards, with detailed information typically available on the back of each scratchcard.

How to Play National Lottery Scratchcards

Playing National Lottery Scratchcards is straightforward, making them accessible to everyone (that is aged 18 and over):

  1. Choose Your Scratchcard: Select from a variety of themes and prices - do note that availability will vary from store to store.
  2. Scratch to Reveal: Use a coin or a similar object to scratch off the covering and reveal the symbols or numbers underneath.
  3. Check for Wins: Match the required number of symbols or numbers as per the game's rules to win.

Tips for First-Time Players:

  • Always read the game instructions on the card.
  • Scratch the card gently to avoid damaging it.
  • Check the card thoroughly to ensure you haven't missed any winning combinations.

Although scratchcards are designed to be easy to play, there are always occasions where the rules are not properly explained, or can be confusing. A summary of all National Lottery scratchcard rules can be found on the front and back of each scratchcard, with the full rules available on the National Lottery website.

If you are still struggling to understand the rules, or even if you have won, then we are happy for you to reach out to us and ask for assistance - at absolutely no cost!

2024 National Lottery Scratchcards

2024 brings about a lot of change for National Lottery, and could potentially impact the range of games and line ups of National Lottery scratchcards from years gone past. In Februrary 2024, the current National Lottery operators - Camelot - are to be replaced with Allwyn, who have experience running national lotteries from around the rest of the world.

Starting off this year, we can expect to see similar National Lottery scratchcards that players love (or loath), but could change significantly over the year. At the time of writing this, there is little public knowledge about what will or won't happen, so make sure to come back regularly to check for updates.

New National Lottery Scratchcards

New National Lottery scratchcards come out approximately every month. There is not set date or frequency to new scratchcard releases, but over the past few years, any number between 2-12 scratchcards are released.

Only recently has National Lottery started giving a public preview of scratchcards that are going to be released. This information is uploaded to their website, and usually indicates that the scratchcards will be released the following month. Previously to this, the only way you could find our about up and coming new scratchcards was via information that is sent exclusively to retailers that sell National Lottery scratchcards in their stores.

New scratchcards are typically released on a Monday, or Tuesday if there has been a Bank Holiday. To check which scratchcards have just been released, you can check the National Lottery website, or come back and check our site for weekly updates.

National Lottery Scratchcards vs Instant Wins

National Lottery Scratchcards and Instant Wins both offer the excitement of quick results but differ in their playing experience and accessibility.

Scratchcards, purchased physically at supermarkets and local shops across the UK, provide a gaming experience where players physically scratch off panels to reveal potential prizes. Instant Wins on the other hand are exclusively played online, offer instant gameplay and results with a click, featuring a variety of games with different themes and mechanics.

While scratchcards appeal to traditional lottery players and those who enjoy the physical aspect of gaming, Instant Wins attract players seeking immediate gameplay without the need for a physical ticket, offering convenience and a diverse range of games.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Play National Lottery Scratchcards?

In the United Kingdom, the age requirement for purchasing and playing National Lottery Scratchcards has recently changed from 16 to 18 years old.

This change, implemented in April 2021, aligns with the growing awareness and effort to promote responsible gambling and protect younger individuals from potential gambling-related harm. This age restriction is part of the broader regulatory framework governing gambling activities in the UK, ensuring that such activities are conducted in a responsible, safe, and controlled manner. Retailers are required to enforce this age limit strictly, and failure to comply can result in penalties.