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When it comes to playing scratchcards from the Irish National Lottery, you have plenty to choose from.

There are a range of different games, ranging from simple €1 scratchcards such as the All Cash scratchcard, to the most expensive €20 scratchcards, including the All Cash Extravaganza scratchcard.

Ultimately, the odds of winning on cards varies, as does the top prize.

Below, we rank the best scratchcards to play for the best odds, and the best top prize, for each of the six price points currently available to buy.

National Lottery Scratchcard Best Odds

Below are the top scratchcards for each price point, based on the overall odds of winning a prize.

€1 Scratchcards

There is just the one €1 scratchcard currently on sale, so there is little competition.

This is the All Cash scratchcard, with odds of winning a prize at 1 in 4.71.

€2 Scratchcards

all cash gold scratchcard

As we write this, there are only three €2 scratchcards in circulation. However, let’s rank them on the best overall odds:

  1. All Cash Gold Scratchcard – 1 in 3.49
  2. Diamond Deluxe Doubler Scratchcard – 1 in 4.21
  3. Money Multiplier 5X Scratchcard – 1 in 4.32

€3 Scratchcards

cashword doubler scratchcard

There are a lot more options to choose from for €3 scratchcards, but the top three are as follows:

  1. Cashword Doubler Scratchcard – 1 in 3.70
  2. Diamond Bingo Doubler Scratchcard – 1 in 3.75
  3. Instant €300 Scratchcard – 1 in 3.75

€5 Scratchcards

cashword plus scratchcard

Again, loads of options to choose from for €5 scratchcards, but the top three are as follows:

  1. Cashword Plus Scratchcard – 1 in 3.47
  2. Bingo Multiplier Scratchcard – 1 in 3.54
  3. Congratulations Scratchcard – 1 in 3.59

€10 Scratchcards

lucky 7s scratchcard

With higher priced scratchcards, the overall odds tend to get better for players. This is no exception with the following three scratchcards.

  1. Lucky 7s Scratchcard – 1 in 3.00
  2. Money Multiplier Scratchcard – 1 in 3.34
  3. All Cash Spectacular Scratchcard – 1 in 3.55

€20 Scratchcards

all cash extravaganza scratchcard

With just one scratchcard in the €20 bracket, there is no contest here. But the odds are as follows:

All Cash Extravaganza – 1 in 3.19. Slightly worse odds than the Lucky 7s scratchcard mentioned above!

National Lottery Scratchcard Top Prizes

Now that you know the best scratchcards, per price point and per best odds, the following scratchcards are ranked in terms of top prizes.

Usually there are similar top prizes per scratchcard, so we will pick just the top scratchcard(s).

€1 Scratchcards

Still just the 1 scratchcard in this category, but the All Cash scratchcard has a top prize of €5,000.

€2 Scratchcards

money multiplier 5X scratchcard

With a bit more competition in the €2 category, there are two scratchcards with the joint highest top prize of €20,000.

This goes to the Diamond Deluxe Doubler scratchcard and the Money Multiplier 5X scratchcards.

€3 Scratchcards

money multiplier 10X scratchcard

There are plenty of scratchcards in this category with a top prize of €30,000, but the winner of this category is the Money Multiplier 10X scratchcard, with a top prize of €40,000.

€5 Scratchcards

money multiplier 20X scratchcard

With plenty of scratchcards in the €5 category, the top prize varies massively.

However, the top prize of €100,000 falls to the Money Multiplier 20X scratchcard.

€10 Scratchcards

money multiplier 40x scratchcard

Although there are only three scratchcards in this category at the time of writing, the top prize varies massively, with a lower and upper prize of €7,777 and €250,000 respectively.

This time, the Money Multiplier 40X scratchcard takes the crown as the highest jackpot prize!

€20 Scratchcards

There’s not really any competition here, as there is just one scratchcard that falls into this category. But it is of course the All Cash Extravaganza Scratchcard with a top prize of €500,000 up for grabs!

So, which scratchcard is best?

If you’ve read this article wanting to know the one best scratchcard to buy, then it ultimately comes down to how you want to win!

If you are looking to win more often, pick a scratchcard by the best odds, for your chances of winning more.

If you are here to win big, then picking the highest jackpot prize for each price point probably suits you best.

And if you are lucky enough to claim a big prize, don’t forget to check out our article on how to claim big scratchcard wins!

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