How to Claim Scratchcard Wins

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If you’ve won on a scratchcard, all that remains is to claim your scratchcard winnings!

One of the biggest issues we see from players over and over again, is that they forget about winning scratchcards, and don’t cash them in in time.

If you’ve visited out scratchcards closure dates page, you can view the closure date of any scratchcard, as well as the final day you can claim a prize.

Usually, there is a 90 day period from the closure date, to the last date you can claim a prize.

This was recently increased to 180 days due to Corona Virus, but is currently back at 90 days.

Claiming scratchcards in store

If you have a winning scratchcard, you should keep it safe, and sign the back of the scratchcard.

Any winnings – up to and including – €100 can be claimed at any store that sells National Lottery games.

These stores may pay up to €2,500 at their discretion, but they are not required to.

If you have won a prize up to or including €15,000, you may claim your prize from a Prize Claim Centre.

The full list of Prize Claim Centres is shown below:

Claiming scratchcard winnings in the post

If players cannot claim a prize from a Prize Claim Centre, then they can also send the following address:

The National Lottery, Abbey Street Lower, Dublin 1

All scratchcards must be signed on the reverse of the scratchcard, with the claimant’s name and address.

Do note, that additional ID in the form of photo ID may be required for prizes to be paid out.

When sending scratchcards in the post – particularly of high value – make sure to take a photocopy of the original scratchcard and with tracked postage.

Claiming scratchcard prizes over €15,000

The only way to claim scratchcard prizes in excess of €15,000 are in person at Lottery HQ – and the address mentioned above.

The following steps should be taken if you are lucky enough to be the big winner:

  1. Sign the back of the winning ticket.
  2. Put the ticket in a safe place.
  3. Contact the National Lottery as soon as possible.

Winners above €15,000 cannot be sent in the post, and only claimed in person.

Contact National Lottery

If for any reason, you do not understand the above rules, or need to speak to somebody in person, you can contact National Lottery on the following number – 1800 666 222.

(lines open Monday to Friday, 9.15am – 5.30pm)

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