How to Win on More Scratchcards

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There’s no doubt that scratchcards are good fun.

But only when you get some winners and don’t go on a losing streak to often.

So, when it comes to winning on more scratchcards, surely you want to know a few tips and tricks?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered:

Check the Odds

Not all scratchcards are made equally.

Some scratchcards have better odds of winning than others. So you need to understand which National Lottery scratchcards have the best odds of winning.

If you do this, the odds will be in your favour (if you buy enough that is!)

Check the Remaining Jackpot Prizes

When it comes to scratchcards, there is more to focus about than the jackpot prize.

However, sometimes it’s worth noting the number of jackpot prizes that have been won.

A lot of scratchcards have just one jackpot prize. Once that has been claimed, would you bother playing if you knew the chances of winning the top prize were zero?!

Spend Wisely

Generally speaking, the more expensive the scratchcard, the better the odds of winning.

This means that you should probably opt to spend more money on one scratchcard than buying lots of the same scratchcard.

Although it means ‘putting all your eggs in one basket’, this tactic is likely to benefit you in the long run!

Check your ‘Losers’

There’s nothing worse than winning on a scratchcard, but not understanding the game and throwing your winner away.

Luckily, we write comprehensive guides on how to play ALL Irish National Lottery scratchcards. But if you are still unsure, you need to read our ‘scratchcard checker‘ article.

Cash in your Scratchcard

You won’t believe how many people win on a scratchcard and then forget to cash it in.

If you don’t know how to cash in a winning scratchcard, we have written an article on ‘how to claim your scratchcard winnings‘, but as well as that, make sure you cash in your prize before your scratchcard expires.

Play Online Scratchcards

Although you may be a big fan of National Lottery scratchcards, the reality is that the odds just aren’t that good.

Playing online scratchcards is beneficial for a few reasons.

Firstly, the odds are a lot better. This is because online scratchcards don’t incur the costs of real scratchcards, such as printing, retailer fees or distribution.

Secondly, most online scratchcard providers offer welcome and sign up bonuses to new players. And even if you are a regular player, you are likely to receive regular offers.

Lastly, online scratchcards are convenient. No longer do you need to go to a shop to purchase your cards, you can do it from your own home, on laptop or mobile.

In Summary

There’s a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to scratchcards.

There are lots of factors to consider, but if you plan ahead, you are likely to reap the rewards.

Make sure to check our site regularly for updates on the latest scratchcards, including new scratchcards, jackpot news and when things go wrong!

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