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With so many scratchcards made available to buy from the Irish National Lottery, the rules and the way you play the games vary from card to card.

So when it comes to checking whether you have on on a scratchcard or not, it is a surprise that there is so little information to help you out.

In this article, we will tell you if and how you can check your scratchcard, what you need to do and whether you need to contact us.

Can I check my scratchcard online?

Surprisingly, there is no way to check your scratchcard online.

The only information that you can find online related to Irish National Lottery scratchcards, is the PDF copies of the rules for each individual game.

These are not particularly easy to understand, but if you follow it carefully, you can quickly learn the basics of any game.

To find the rules, head on over to

Find the scratchcard game you need to check, and click ‘more info’. Check the image below, to see what we mean:

bingo multiplier scratchcard game more info screenshot

Once you find the corresponding PDF, you can go through the pages to find details about the rules. Below, is a screenshot from the game rules for the Bingo Multiplier scratchcard game shown above:

irish lottery scratchcard game rules screenshot

We recommend that you check these rules first, but if they don’t help, check out the article further.

What about a scratchcard scanner?

Even though the Irish National Lottery has an Apple and Android app, which you can use as a scanner for lottery tickets, you cannot scan scratchcards.

Again, this incredibly frustrating, but there is another action to try.

Even if you are not sure if you have won on a scratchcard or not, the next best action is to take the scratchcard into any shop that sells lottery tickets and scratchcards.

Because these shops have scratchcards that scanning machines, they can use the computer to scan, check and payout any winnings or not.

This really is the easiest way, and what we tell most people who contact us to to.

But can’t get to a shop?

Let us check your scratchcard for you!

Although we are not affiliated with the Irish National Lottery in any way, we are happy to check scratchcards on the behalf of players.

All you need to do, is contact us via email or social media, send us a photo AND tell us what you are contacting us for.

If you just send a photo, it means nothing to us – please just add a message that asks us to check it, and we will get back to you!

But even if you have another question or query, we are always happy to help!

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