Irish National Lottery Scratchcard Closure Dates

Patrick Brown

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However much you may love a scratchcard, there is always a time when it must come to an end.

As scratchcards make their way into shops, they get purchased and inevitably, the number of prizes claimed starts to rise.

Therefore, there comes a time when a scratchard has a closure date.

The closure date is the time when no more scratchcards can continue to be sold, although it is likely that scratchcards become available before this time.

Once a scratchcard closes, players have 90 days to claim the prize – no matter how big and small.

Note: Some scratchcards in the below table have a 180 day claim period – this was implemented during to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, but from July 3rd, has reverted back to the 90 day claim period.

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